Carton Sealers

Our CS-series of carton sealers are operator fed and designed for heavy duty applications.  These machines are reliable, cost-effective and durable providing savings to your production process.  More importantly, these machines provide a professional looking seal.

The operator simply folds flaps of the corrugated carton and feeds it into the machine.  Our carton sealer will apply a single tape strip to both the top & bottom of the case simultaneously.   The carton sealer can easily be adjusted in only seconds to process a different size carton.


• Adjustable height of table
• Heavy duty frame

OPTIONAL - Stainless Steel

The most important variables to think about are:  automation, package variety, and package size.   We have also created a survey - Just email your completed survey to us and we will help you come up with the best carton sealer for your applications.

Sealer Sales Carton Sealer Survey

CS-6050CS-6050Value Unit Up and down driving Suitable for taller cartons CS-19517CS-19517Suitable for Wider, Taller, Heavier Boxes
CS-2020CS-2020Suitable for low profile, small lightweight boxes CS-19520CS-19520Suitable for wider, taller, heavier boxes
CS-20225R CS-20225R Automatic Adjustment for Box Sizes SM-101SM-101General Purpose Strapping Machine
CS-5050ACS-5050ASide driving Suitable for narrower cartons (Special Order) CS-5050BCS-5050BUp, down and side sealing Suitable for heavier cartons (Special Order)

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