Direct Heat / Constant Heat Sealers
Direct Heat / Constant Heat Sealers

Direct Heat / Constant Heat Sealers

Our direct heat sealers (also known as constant heat sealers) are best suited to seal thicker materials such as coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, cellophane, mylar, coated PP.  Please note that with the exception of our KF-150PS, our direct heat sealers cannot seal polyethylene.  Depending on the model of the sealer, material up to 16" wide and 20 mil thick can be sealed.  We offer two types of seal designs:  meshed or serrated.  Seal widths vary from 10mm to 15mm wide.  Our direct heat sealers are equipped with a thermostat or an electronic thermo controller that accurately controls the temperature from 30°-550° F (0°-300° C).  Both jaws are heated simultaneously resulting in better heat penetration to seal thicker materials. 

Easy to operate.  Set the temperature on the thermostat or the thermo-controller depending on the material to be sealed.  Once the correct setting has been reached, consistent seals will be maintained automatically. Insert the material between the two sealing bars.  Press down on the foot pedal and release.

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