Replacement Kits - Heating Element, PTFE Cover, Adhesive

Replacement Kits - Heating Element, PTFE Cover, Adhesive

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Replacement Kits are available for most sealers. Our kits include:  2 heating elements, 2 PTFE covers, and 2 PTFE adhesives. Purchasing a maintenance kit is the most economical way to replace your worn out parts and avoid down time.For sealers with a cutter unit, 1 blade is included in the replacement kit. For sealers that use a PTFE cover roll, a one foot length of PTFE cover is included instead of the normal 2 PTFE covers.  Please provide the sealer's model number when ordering.

Sealer Maintenance 

Most sealer issues result from lack of maintenance.  After using a sealer for 1,000-5,000 sealers, it is normal for the heating element to break.  The number of seals will vary on the timer setting.  The sealer's PTFE adhesive serves as a barrier between the heating element and the the sealer's body.  When the heating element has burned through the bottom PTFE adhesive and arced on the sealer's body, the element will break.  This can also result in damage to a sealer's timer.

When replacing the heating element, you MUST also replace the bottom PTFE adhesive.  When a user does not do this, the heating element will break earlier than usual.

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