SINBO Vacuum Sealer

SINBO Vacuum Sealer

is the ONLY household vacuum sealer using standard poly/nylon vacuum bags.  No expensive channel vacuum pouches needed.  

  • Self-contained unit; no external compressor needed
  • Impulse sealing system; no warm-up time needed
  • Retractable nozzle
  • Controllable heat timer
  • Controlled heat-sealer timer and overheat warning indicator
  • Energy efficient, compact, and portable in size
SINBO can serve as a simple impulse sealer or vacuum sealer, but either way provides tamper proof protection for your stored food or products.  We recommend the SINBO for light commercial packaging for the food, medical (clean room) or electronics industry.  Say goodbye to freezer burn on meats, fish and poultry.  Keep coffees, teas, and spices fresher longer.  The SINBO vacuum sealer will protect your important items from the harmful effects of static electricity, moisture, rust, oxidation, and other long term environmental exposure.

We now carry three models of the SINBO Vacuum Sealer

  • DZ-280/2SD - Single 4mm seal width
  • DZ-280/2SE - Vacuum seal liquids with this all in one sealer!



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